The company not only deals in new silver but also refines high quality silver from scrap. The recovered fine silver can be returned to the customer or it can be taken into “PMP” stock and credited to the customers account against future orders.

“PMP” is able to give added value for scrap silver by recovering fine silver from many different types of scrap, including:
- Silver scraps with solder
- Silver scraps with wood or plastic powder coatings
- Bi-laminated scraps (ag + al)
- Twin rolled scraps (ag + cu)
- Silver chips
- Silver powders
- Silver solders

Recovered fine silver can either returned to the customer or credited to the customers silver account and used against new silver semifinished goods, or P.M.P. will offer to purchase it.


The company is flexible in its terms of business, offering customers very attractive opportunities to have silver delivered in exact quantities to meet their production schedules at “Open”prices.

The “Open” price policy allows customers to fix the date of delivery well in advance of production schedules but to defer “settling” on a price for up to 30 days after “PMP” deliveries the order thus allowing customers to obtain very competitive prices.

“PMP” which has direct connections with the most important silver markets is able to sell silver at very competitive terms. “PMP” offers a new opportunity for customers to buy silver on “open” price terms thus providing them the means to minimise the effect of fluctuating world silver prices.

This opportunity to buy silver can be good for :
The “speculative customer”, who wants to takes advantages from fluctuating world silver prices, silver required at a certain date can be ordered from “PMP” at an “open” price. The customer can at a later date “fix” the price with “PMP” but the later date must be no more than 30 days after placing the order.

For the “non speculative customer”, silver required a cartain date can be ordered and supplied to suit the customers production schedules and the price is “fixed” at the market price of silver on the date the customer intends to sell his product.

The customer has a maximum of 30 days from placing the order with “PMP” to fixing the date for selling his products and therefore the date at which the open market silver price will be settled.


“PMP” also works very closely with both silver wholesalers and retailers dealing with the repair of silverware. If in the oppinion of “PMP” the items are un repairable it will offer to purchase the items to recover the silver and provide the customer with new (or semi finished) goods in return.

“PMP” having been in the silver business for 30 years has many contacts within the silverware trade and is therefore able to offer clients a repair service for old and damaged silverware.

“PMP” will assess whether or not a repair is feasible and economical and advise the customer accordingly. In those cases where it is judged that a repair is not feasible (or economical) “PMP” will offer to buy the goods as scrap and recover the fine silver. Alternatively the recovered fine silver can be returned to the client or credited to his account and used against the supply of new (semi finished) silverware goods.


Another service “PMP”offers is in technical advice on brazing. The company is able to give free advice on the best silver alloys to use for the different products thus ensuring that the best and cheapest processes are used.

Through the 30 years of being in the silver business “PMP” has seen many instances of clients using either the wrong or ineconomically type of brazing and soldering alloy especially as new materials enter the market the company has therefore aquired considerable knowledge in this field and is very pleased to be able to share this with its clients, free of charge.


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